NVidia driver bug??

I could not test it in other platforms yet, so I can’t be sure that is a NVidia driver bug, but it seems that…

Using the method clCreateImage2D inside a thread (I used pthreads, of course) the object generated is not accessible (you can’t call clGetMemObjectInfo, clGetImageInfo, clReleaseMemObject, or whatever), inside or outside the thread, receiving a segmentation fault. But if you have generated the object outside the thread, the object can be accessed from the main process, or from any subprocess that you want.

I reported it here:


ocland is designed now as a multithreading server, but I simply moved to a serial server (for the planned number of clients I think that this fact will not be a problem).

If someone could confirm this (In NVidia or in other hardware) would be nice!

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