Luxmark test

Good news!

After some ocland’s bugs fixing, I tested it with the Luxmark benchmark. The reference test case has been the luxball, runing it in the local computer without ocland:

The reference test case is the Luxball, runing without ocland, with the following result:
2 x GeForce GTX 295 = 2627

After that, I launch the ocland server in my laptop, which is connected by the wifi (theorically the worst situation):
2 x GeForce GTX 295 + GeForce 8400M GS (using ocland) = 2935

I had not much time to furthermore test it, but some points should be remarked:

  • ocland use all the network capabilities (1.3MB/s through the wifi in my case).
  • Is not enough… During the execution up to 13 simultaneous data transferings is runing at the same time, becoming the bottleneck
  • For this case the results seems good enough. Nevertheless, can be affected by an artifact (I detected that at the end of the simulation a lot of data is still entering from the server, so essentially is like the laptop device has ran more time than the other devices)
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